4 reasons why I could be the rudest person alive...

May 28, 2012

I might be super rude.

I always completely forget to introduce two people that I know but do not know each other.  The conversation is a little bit of a freak of nature.  I speak to friend one, then I speak to friend two.  I cannot understand why they do not speak freely to one another.  Idiot.

I almost always arrive late to everything.  This isn't because I want to... I only want to be 'fashionably' late.  In my opinion 3 minutes past is fashionable.  I know, you're thinking I'm forgetful.  I'm not forgetful... I just remember a lot of things at the very last minute.

I always put my elbows on the table.  I never understood why people shouldn't do that.  I even learned the rhyme... I just have yet to be properly conditioned against the behavior.

{for Cait}  I slurp my hot beverages.  I had no idea I did this, but the other day my dear friend bursts out "and [so and so] slurps their tea which is really annoying (points finger in my direction) which YOU DO TOO, BY THE WAY"
That was a bit of an insult but we have that kind of relationship.  Then, this morning I took a sip of my hot cappuccino.  

I did it.  I slurped it. Crap.

I'm just lucky I didn't put any money on not being a slurper.  I'm not so liquid at the moment.

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