4 Ways To Tick Off Your Mom

May 17, 2012

  1. Cut your dolls' hair. Even though I was exercising my creativity, passion and practicing a useful skill, my mother really hated it when I did this.  Moms hate it when you mess up your stuff.
  2. Cut your own hair.  Take all the pros above and add saving money.  Still, even more unacceptable than the first one.  There is something about having a mutant looking child that really gets under a Mom's skin.  If you do it at the right time of the month, you may even get some tears.
  3. Don't clean your room I think even to this day my mom can trace most of my problems to the order or chaos that my room is in.  Door open, nostrils flare.  Yip, she's mad.
  4. Let someone hurt you.  Imagine a bear who's cub you have just made your new hat.  Nuff said.
There are many predictable ways to ensure your mom is completely out of sorts but the truth is that they are the best.  They protect you and always have our best interests at heart.  Your mom wants you to be the best, have the best, and most importantly be crazy crazy happy.  Belated Mothers Day Greetings.

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