Awkward Personal Style

May 28, 2012

I wear exactly what I want and, most of the time, I think it looks pretty dope.  The problem?  I never seem to be photographed when i’m looking dope. When people pull out a camera I just so happen to usually look mildly retarded.  This, my first outfit post, is not an exception to that observation.  But, everyone must start somewhere so here I go:

I’m wearing black leggings (cheap from Sirens)
Some cool fake leather ankle boots from Meltz
Lovely silky button up top all the way from Reece’s gran’s closet.  

The lighting was pretty harsh and terrible but we had so much fun playing and experimenting.  iPhone’s are tricky, I’m trying to take the least ‘iphone looking’ pictures as I can, but its incredibly hard.  I’m constantly resisting the urge to push the “Hudson” or the “X pro” button on instagram.  Then I tell myself:
No Charity, stop that!
Must. Be. Creative.

Please please please if you have iphone photography tips and/or tricks that make them look like real, nice photographs, feel free to brag about it in the comment box.  Otherwise I’ll just google it and some forum nerd will straight up tell me.

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  1. Are you using VSCO? Even if you aren't, that photo looks rad :)

    1. Tis vsco. That app has changed my life. I haven't had a chance to really test it in nice light. Hoping to catch a good sunset this week. :)


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