Dimanche Dreams

May 17, 2012

Dimanche = French for Sunday. 
Today = Not Sunday and I am not French.

I just like dreaming and I could only think of the French version of a Sunday to match up dreaming with a day of the week.  But it actually makes sense.  Here's why:

I always have plans on Sundays.  
Its not that I'm always doing something, quite the opposite.  I'm full of plans for the week.  On a Friday, I'm exhausted and usually without a vision.  I just let the weekend wash over me like a wave in the sea, pulling my feet briefly from the sand and dragging my tummy upward.

But on a Sunday I'm sitting on an imaginary dock somewhere with a map and a plan to 'borrow' a yacht and see some beautiful sea and land and people.  Food to make, coffee to drink, what to wear... You know, the important stuff.

Things I may or may not get to.

I'm not a Monday hater like most.  Obviously I'm a little bit of a hater, who likes the end of a day off?  But I like potential that Mondays are so full of.  Potential is like practical hope.  Its sitting there all ready for you to fill it with awesomeness.

Thats what Sunday Dreams are for.  So for the sake of these sweet, hopeful musings, I'm alright with Mondays.

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