I Grew Up Wanting To Be A Nerd

May 17, 2012

As a child I always wanted red hair, freckles, glasses and braces.  Six year old with a death wish right?  I know.

Somehow, I just thought that stuff was SO COOL.

Red hair, ah it was so rare and pretty.   And red hair came with the most fantastic freckles. I thought freckles were exotic.  (Well at age 6 I would have just said 'pretty')  Creamy white skin with all that character... unavoidable.  Gorgeous.

The braces, I'm sure, were just because my older cousins had them.  The way they could decorate their teeth with these diamond like wires and colors.  Holy Crap they were cool.  To top it off, they could change colors every month!  A rare accessory that I wanted real real bad.

Also, in my opinion people with braces spoke really well.  Often instead of making them spit and lisp the careful ones would perfect diction that I admired.  So complex.  So amazing, I was mesmerized.

Then there were the glasses, which I do have now.  I got them in grade 6.  Finally after years and years of lying to the optometrist I actually needed the specs.  I've always been a terrible liar... and I think I underestimated the effectiveness of a well trained eye doc.

So there I was, most of my childhood just desperate to be a nerd.  Instead I had healthy eyes, teeth, dirty blond hair and pink cheeks... no freckles.

Desperate to accessorize.

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