Book or Cover?

May 17, 2012

The cover.

If we're speaking tea, the cup is more important to me than whats inside.

I will take a few sips of a shockingly made cup of tea just to use the pretty vessel.  I'm superficial like that.

But, in my defense, tea isn't about actually tasting the stuff.  Its virtually flavorless in my opinion.  You know how I know why?  I can drink dandelion tea.  Out of the right cup I'll have refill after refill of the apparent diuretic.  Why?  Its hot and my hands are almost always cold.  Its healthy.  Its soothing.  And it must be in a delightful cup so that I can relax and feel luxurious.  Little things count for me.  Just the little things.

Coffee.  Now thats another story for another post.

I titled this post with the book/cover topic so I should stay on track.  I'm very specific about the books I read.  Not because I have sophisticated taste, its actually quite the opposite. 

I can't read books if they don't have plot.  And by plot I mean dialogue.  And by dialogue I mean that I skip over a lot of writing to just read what the characters are saying to each other.  When I start skipping multiple pages... problems begin. Then my conscience smacks the back of my head and says

"You're a fraud.  You can't even tell people you've read this book.  You skipped 60% of the writing just to read the dialogue and you didn't even understand it."  

So I avoid authors who spend bigger parts of chapters describing trees and family history.  You know who you are Jane Austen, Charles Dickens... and basically every other successful iconic writer.  Hmph.

I like books that are edgy but not too weird.  Pretty but not too girly.  Gripping but not overdramatic.  And I still look for a good cover. 

I loved Hunger Games.

Am I a bad person?  High maintenance?

Tell me how you choose your tea cups and books.  

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