Let Not Pretend

May 17, 2012

As a young child I hated playing with dolls.  

Oh, I had plenty of them and I did make use of them quite frequently.  You see, my dolls were my models.  I wanted to dress them up, set their hair and get them photo ready.  Ready for anything but not really, because I didn't want them to do anything.  I just wanted to constantly pick out new outfits.  My dolls were icons, not actresses.  They never put on strange non human high voices saying any sort of rubbish.  They most certainly never hopped up and down like a kangaroo to get where they needed to be. That was dumb.

It was dumb that there always had to be drama with dolls.  Why couldn't anybody just play nicely with them instead of putting fighting words in their mouth, or worse, making them kiss the boy dolls.  Ew.  Not my thing.

I like talking, I just prefer to do the talking and let the fashion speak for itself when it comes to our miniature plastic counterparts.

Childhood games... got any?  What made you weird?  Or let me know how many of you are normal and then I'll feel awkward.

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