A REAL Real Wedding: The Making of 19.11.11.

May 17, 2012

My wedding was just featured here on Style Me Pretty thanks to my beautiful photographer who just happens to be my best friend.

I first just want to say how floored I am at how well the wedding was represented photographically.  Kat, you are beyond amazing.  The very best.  I only hope I've absorbed just a little of your skill over the years so I can upload some decent pictures to this blog.  WOW.

Also, the sweetheart who wrote the Style Me Pretty post... you are so kind. I'm sure we'd be friends if I lived nearby  :)

SIGH! To see something you fought so hard for so long to have... and it worked!  We pulled it off in the end.
The point of this post however, is a tad bit gritty. Why?

Because in this photo I'm trying to recover from a morning of tears.

I want to give a different perspective to the planning and execution of this VERY DIY wedding.  Hopefully, if you're planning on doing some of the really cool stuff like us, you will be able to pull it off with slightly more ease than we did.

If you read the style me pretty post blog you know that Reece and I were long distance and throughout our engagement we were apart (across the world apart).  I worked in Canada for awhile to hang out with my family and make some moolah.  As you can imagine, planning a wedding from another country is difficult at best.  I was working, trying to get all my visa documentation in order AND attempting to design our invites (amongst all the other wedding projects I had begun).

A real sticky situation from the start.

Then you have to factor in that I really didn't get to spend much time with my bridesmaids to scheme and organize things.  Most of them I hardly saw because they were writing exams (we really picked an AMAZING time to get married...oops)

Oh, those girls really came through for me that weekend, make no mistake... I'll give you a hint.  It involved staying up till past 3am with me the night before the wedding.  But check how amazing they still look?  Darlings.

I had already dreamt, planned and gushed all over everything in my mind and just expected that when people said they would help me, they would.  It wouldn't matter what I wanted to do as long as it could be done.

And they did help.  But first they did their best to convince me of a less work intensive path.  "Why don't you...?" and "Or you could just rather..."

Now I'm collaborative so I always love to share my ideas freely and hear what people have to say.  If I could do my wedding all over again, I would definitely just make all the final decisions with Reece before we even announced the date.  That way we would know that every decision we made, we did so together without pressure from the outside.

So HINT:  DIY weddings are fabulous.  I really feel that I 'owned' mine.  But be careful of your ideas.  Protect them like little delicate things because without even knowing it, someone can easily destroy your motivation.

Another HINT:  Be sure to surround yourself with people who will get behind your vision. Kat was amazing with this.  Even when we weren't together she would send me messages encouraging me and assuring me that it would all be worth it.  That I was doing so well.  Also, as I mentioned in my blurb on the blog, my parents were SO supportive.  If you don't think yours will be?  Designate with ENTHUSIASM.  Give them something that won't break your heart.  Let them take it over and do their thing if you want peace ;)

So now for my story.

The night before the wedding we were all setting up our lovely venue.  Working everywhere...somewhat akin to a chicken relieved of its brain.

Bridesmaids, groomsmen and some other dear friends were all there to frantically piece all the bits together.  By midnight, its safe to say we were basically done and seriously tired... now for a little pampering before catching some sleep.


I totally forgot about table numbers, seating plans... the whole shebang.  I won't bore you with the details but my dear friends spent the better part of the night hand writing names on to some extra cardstock (very attractively, I might add).  I was still sewing my second dress.  Bottom line.  I finally nodded off to sleep at 4am.

Awake after what was probably an hour... maybe two of sleep, it was my wedding day.  Outside looked like it would rain.  I had no idea where the gazebos for the tea and cake tables were, my parents got horribly lost and no one was answering their phones that morning.  

I won't go into it but its safe to say that the morning of my wedding I cried more than a lot of other mornings I've been through.  My girls were back and forth to the freezer with teaspoons desperate to get the eye swelling down.  There was praying and scrambling, not the delicious egg kind.  Not a spa date.  No Sir.

Kat and Tamara arrived to begin documenting my tragic attempt at getting ready, I could barely gain my composure.  Still no word from my folks, no mom there to help me into my dress or sit with me while I get ready... I was having one massive pity party.

But the show must go on.  Kat made me tea, told me everything was looking rad and that I need to "pull it together".  I'm pretty sure those were her exact words.  "Pull it together".  And I did.  It was my wedding day after all.  I had two beautiful dresses to wear and a really sexy man who was waiting to marry me in a few hours.

I played with some horses and enjoyed my morning until finally my mom and dad arrived and I needed to do damage control on my mom's hair.  Poor lady had no time to get ready after being lost in the Dargle Valley for God knows how long.

One thing led to another and I was walking down the aisle.  That was super super fast.  I barely remember it.  I just remember his face.

 And it was all worth it.  The rest is history.  I claimed him all for myself in front of God and everyone.  

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  1. What a great narrative voice you have Charity :) I really enjoyed reading this and am glad your big day came together in the end!

    1. Thanks Heather! Weddings do have a way of coming together eventually ;)


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