Shopping For Free Part One

May 31, 2012

Nobody has money these days, and now since I'm not working 9-5 (therefore essentially earning nothing) I have less than zero in my pocket for shopping.

Its not just me, the recession has reared its ugly head and the entire world cringes with terror.  No more shopping sprees for us ladies.  More couponing and bargain hunting.

Well I have something thats even better than a bargain.  Its free clothes.  I'm going to give you not one, but two ways to shop for free.

Number One

This one is simple, yet complex.  Its genius but obvious...  Drumroll...

Shop in your own closet.

No fun?  Nothing New?  I think not!  I could give you some hot air statistic about how people only wear 40% of their wardrobes 60% of the time... and that would be unscientific and just plain untrue.  I do know, however, that I don't wear my entire wardrobe.(If you're not completely dishonest with yourself you will probably agree)

I know this because I feel like I find new things and (scouts honor) I haven't had a shopping trip in over six months.

1.     Take a rainy, quiet afternoon when your room is somewhat clean (I feel like clean spaces are nicer to shop in)
2.     Invite a girlfriend over (If you are a pack shopper, if you are a lone ranger like me just stick to flying solo) and arm yourself with some tea, coffee, smoothies, all natural organic freshly squeezed juice... whatever your mall poison may be.  Treat yourself.
3.    Position a mirror next to your clothes, or if you are seriously doing an overhaul, pile all the clothes on the bed.  I like to make nice little piles of shirts, skirts, pants etc... makes me more tempted to try it on.
4.    Hunt away!  You should already be seeing pieces you haven't worn in awhile (or if you're like some people they still have tags on them)  Try things on with other items in your wardrobe.  

This kind of shopping is so unique because you have a chance to really mix and match, put together outfits and get inspiration to dress yourself in the morning.  Those impulse buys caught your eye for a reason once upon a time, give them a second try before you get rid of them.  Clothes can be a lot like wine, leave them for awhile and they get even better than when you bought them!

Look forward to a Part Two when I can get my act together.  I'll show you some outfits I rediscovered.

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  1. Ha! You're so awesome. I haven't thought of doing that. Want to come over for tea and help me out?

    1. Yes Please! Man I wish somehow the ocean would decide to float your island down here. Then I could just buy a boat and come see you whenever I wanted! <3

  2. cute! Thats a great idea! xx



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