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May 17, 2012

Straight forward.  This is the stuff I get giddy about.

Source: via Sam on Pinterest

Ombre hair - I know, everyone is doing it but I just LOVE IT.  Its whimsical and pretty.  I live for pretty.

Booties (Ankle Boots) -  These are practical and impractical.  And I love a good paradox.  Ankle boots are gorgeous and sophisticated but a little raw... they're gutsy because they cut off your legs when those long limbs can make us go a little Gollum and 'my precious......' all over the show.  Do we want long legs or do we want booties?  We want both.  Because both are sexy.

60's style eye makeup - White water mark* liquid eye liner. wings.  Say no more... I'm hooked on this style.

*the 'inside' part of your bottom and top eyelid... that slippery part we always try to get cheap eyeliner to go and it doesn't.

Bushy Eyebrows - 
(I realize a more delicate way of saying this is 'strong' and not 'bushy'... but whatever. Its my blog)

This trend is super hot to me... slightly androgynous* which is always edgy and...just...interesting.  Oh, so pretty. Please be careful though, this perceived 'low maintenance' style isn't supposed to look like the crazy cat lady's front yard... overgrown and unsightly.  Its just a good patch of wild herbs by the fence, not completely manicured... but contained. Purposeful.

*neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance... according to the nice people at

Dresses - In general this trend (this has been a long term progression, really.  Nothing recent)  Feminine style just gets me.  Women who are strong, independent and gorgeous dressing how delicate they can really be.  Don't get me wrong, I just finished declaring my love for androgyny.  However, I just love the freedom in pretty.  I walk differently when I'm in a dress.  Especially if there are some heels under me. 

Short, long, sleek, voluminous, dresses are a one stop shop for hotness.

In the words of Marc Jacobs "buy a dress, at least you're dressed".  

Trends I Dislike:

Ugg Boots - I hate these things more than... I can't think of anything witty.  But they're gross.  Please, people.  Your slippers are slowly taking over your leg and you neglected to leave them where they to your fluffy robe and velcro curlers.  Poor Beyonce... you can pull off anything, anything but this.

Crocs -  People say: Oh but they're SO COMFY!  Yes.  So is being naked.  But its socially and fashionably unacceptable to go out like that, also illegal.  So don't wear crocs unless you make a lot of money tending your hydrangeas.  

What do you absolutely gush over?  What are you passionately against?  Tell Me.  I love stories.

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