Being Old and Sexy: The Art of Thrifting

June 04, 2012

I spent most of the day today sifting through piles of unwanted items.  Scanning for something with potential for new life, for sexy art amongst the old.  As I participated in this ritual which I like to think is one of my most treasured skills, I started to think that thrifting is kind of like the antithesis of Reincarnation.  This is why.

Contrary to doing good and receiving good karma for the next time we rise, an items current life has nothing to do with the next.  For instance, my step ladder seen in this post was a prisoner to the short and stubby housewife reaching for tall cupboards with the odd light bulb change here and there.  Today, its no longer a simple sturdy piece of wood that carries weight.  Its a garden.  Not because it did a bang up job being a ladder, because nobody wanted it any more.  It was collecting dust somewhere.  Lacking value enough to keep or sell.

What do we do with things that have lost value?  We discard them and look for new things.  I find love in those discarded things.  Part of me leaps for jumping squealing joy when I see something that could be given new life.  I don't care what it used to be.  Maybe it was fabulous in its day, maybe it was horrific.  The more depth to my traveler's story, the more it means to me.  

The old and broken are my favorites.  They are my favorites because they aren't broken to me.  They are just in the wrong place.  I need to take them home and paint them, wash them and surround them with things that make them shine.  

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  1. i love the way you write, girl! so hilarious! and i really do need to be better at thrifting!!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks TJ ;P
      One thing at a time. I often overwhelm myself by trying to buy the whole shop. Limit yourself to one thing at first. It will help you buy better stuff.

  2. Totally agree, in our consumerism culture we just throw things away and buy new stuff. It is not good for the environment and it's just a pity we throw away so many things. Love thrifting but don't have enough space unfortunately for all the lovely items I see!

    1. Liset you are so right. Its wise to not thrift when you don't have space... remember, hoarders are thrifters who have gone down a very dark path. <3

  3. Old and broken, making things new and shiny. Totally a metaphor for people and life too:-) Broken can be beautiful, that's for sure! xoxo

  4. Adore that chandelier and you couldnt have explained my thoguhts on thrifting more perfectly.



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