Global Warming

June 10, 2012

Of all the things I could be doing to potentially save my digits, right now I choose to type at 1:34am.  There isn't a reason for this late hour except that I'm an incurable night owl.  So here I am.

The reason my fingers are threatened is because the cold I feel now is worse than a lot of things I can think of at the moment.  My mind is overwhelmed with fantasies of sweltering heat and the lingering scent of sunscreen.  I'm smelling nothing because, funny coincidence, I don't have a nose anymore.  Its so cold I'm sure its fallen at some point between "I'll just warm my nose with my hand for awhile" and "Oh my GOSH are we even INSIDE?!?!"

Its wrong, actually.  I'm Canadian, born and raised in the harshest, coldest of climates and I can't handle a South African winter.  I can explain.  There is a missing piece to this warped puzzle.  In Canada, we go inside to ESCAPE the cold.  We don't stay outside to let it demoralize our very beings.  We also most certainly don't let that frosty  you-know-what inside where there is truly no escape. 

I hear so many people exclaiming "Sheesh it cold!".  
And they're all:  We like the fresh air.
And I'm all:  You do know that FRESH air is code for FREEZE YOUR NOSE OFF COLD AIR, right?  And you do realize that by icy air being inside we might as well be outside.  Camping in our house.  I'll get the matches and light a bonfire, somebody get marshmallows.

Unfathomable mystery that is my life:  I miss Canada when it gets cold in Durban. 

PS:  I finally have one piece of furniture for my lounge that is more than a little comfy.  Welcome to the spot. 

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  1. Love the crate table too! And the pillow. Adorable :) You're so good at being all home makery.


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