Hope Floats

June 21, 2012

Today, I discovered some REALLY really amazing stuff.  I'm not going to write a whole lot... I don't think.  Its 2am again... I'm less cold than I was last time I was up this late writing.  I dare not think that the cold is letting up.  Subjecting my tender hopes to something like that would be just cruel.

Amazing Stuff:
1.  Carey Mulligan will star in The Great Gatsby, which is coming out CHRISTMAS DAY!  I admit, I haven't read the book.  I have, however, seen the previews for the movie.  Which makes me want to read the book.  I feel like that is somehow sacrilegious... especially to a classic like Fitzgerald.  Whatever, okay?  I plan to read before I watch it if that makes you feel better.

2.  Kinfolk.  It makes me REALLY want to have people over and serve rad food and drink delicious wine... chased by dessert, chased by coffee, chased by sherry.

3.  Andria Lindquist. My new photographer crush.  Oh she's good...

Speaking of Photography.  I took a few more pictures... been playing with more editing techniques.  Here's what I have thus far.

I really like how the black and white one came out... but I'm a total sucker for anything black and white.  I know, its a problem.

So I'm going to sleep now.  This has to end.  Must. Go. To. Bed.

I hope this coming weekend brings all you hope and wish for. xx

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  1. your so pretty
    love your hair!


  2. I can't wait for the Great Gatsby either, love the trailer!

  3. aw, seriously. andria is absolutely incredible!
    and i can't tell you how excited i am for the great gatsby!!!!
    xo TJ


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