I'm late...

June 18, 2012

When I was around twelve or thirteen, my dad decided that we should ‘hang out’.  He would buy me hot beverages and I would talk to him about what was going on in my life.  

It wasn’t as awkward as it sounds.  

Less bribing for information and more nerdy stuff like laptops, cell phones and cars.  My dad and I are more than a little bit obsessed with technology.  (When the time came to get a new phone, Dad insisted I have an iphone.  He actually bought me one as a wedding present. Boom.)

Some of my most inspiring, life changing moments were those ‘dad and me’ times.  

*My mother is silently correcting my grammar to 'dad and I'* ((smiles))

Times when he could have been sleeping off a night shift or reading his book, he chose to ask my opinions and let me talk about any number of dumb things that would cross my mind.  My dad knows I’ve got a small case of ‘the verbal runs’ because he suffers from the same problem from time to time.  So we could and would spend hours fussing through painfully detailed conversation, much too trivial for the normal human being.  

During those times, I felt like being me was just fine.  That I hadn’t done anything irreversibly terrible and even if I did, it would work out fine in the end.  Most of all, there was someone who loved me more than anything; completely impressed with the person I was very slowly but surely becoming.

I have changed my mind countless times regarding the direction my life is headed and what I want to be ‘when I grow up’.  (Still have no idea, just ps)  But Dad has always been there to make sure the choice is always mine.  To make sure I’m never backed into a corner with only one way out.  He looks out for my interests and not his own.  What a true father should be.

Thanks Dad, Happy Father’s Day, sorry this is late... but someone once told me its better to be late than pregnant.  I’m sure we all agree ;)

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  1. this is just the sweetest post ever! your dad sounds wonderful. and very happy belated father's day to him!
    xo TJ

  2. Love your Father's Day blog .... always better late than never!

  3. So sweet. What a great father :)


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