Shopping For Free Part Two

June 09, 2012

So as promised, here is a skirt procured from the depths of my closet.  The top was thrifted.  I'm not wearing any shoes so thats the outfit.  Such a little hippie (thats code for 'I own so few pairs of shoes I choose to be barefoot')  I don't know why... but I just don't spend money on shoes.  They really do make outfits, I realize, but I always gravitate towards something else.  Sigh. 

Evernote to self:  buy shoes next time you shop.

Back to the Home Shopping Network, add some spaghetti straps and that sexy red skirt was once a dress.  Don't get me wrong, it was a pretty awesome dress.  Unfortunately is much harder, I find, to accessorize a dress and make it look different every time you wear it. So this was my dilemma with red dress.  I like it.  Its cute.  I never wear it.

I often closet shop with a pair of scissors for times like these.  When a few quick snips is equivalent to the swipe of my debit card.  Poof.  New skirt! I have been almost living in it lately, its so darn comfy and makes me feel very tall.

*Little bit of advice, if you want to look like you have stilts for legs, just put some heels on with a skirt like this one.  Wow.  Hello tall girl, where have you been my whole life?

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  1. Great idea. I don't own a maxi dress though. it's on my growing list of things to own when I'm rich :)


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