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July 05, 2012

So myself and Reece have something AWESOME to announce.  

Not a baby...(whew... dodged that bullet so far... knock on wood)

I can't even say how excited I am.  Seriously, I made this little map poster thing JUST to tell everyone.  That is the level of my freak out.

Durban has been lovely.  The weather is amazing and even in winter the sun come out all the time, ready to play.  I love my little flat with its cute wooden floors and all the furniture I've collected this past year.  I love our friends who (I hope) will be a little sad to see us fly the coop.  Well miss all of them.

Though I'll need an umbrella much more than a person would ever like to, I am bursting at the seams to move back to Victoria.  I miss it so much.  I miss all the hippies and the weirdos that are never in short supply.  I miss the nosy people who knock on your window and tell you that you can't let your car idle, you're ruining the planet.  Even though you're just waiting for a friend.

They say that Africa gets in your blood and you can't stay away...  but I think that you can't stay away from home.  Home is in your blood.  I think that living here has made me more and more proud of where I come from every single day.  Red and white.  So proud!!!

Can't wait to be seeing my family on a regular basis and being in the same-ish time zone so nobody has to get up at like 5am to have a chat.

I miss walking for hours to the sea and warming my cold nose over steaming hot starbucks.  Not that its world class coffee... but it smells like home in there.  

I miss Christmas time.  The way I'm pretty sure everyone has the same background music in their head's from about December 10th to New Years Day.  

The whole moving announcement seems sliiiiightly anticlimactic because we won't actually be able to go for another 10ish months.  Visas and such, you know.  

So, as always, I'm looking for feedback.  If there is anyone out there who has sponsored a spouse to come to Canada I would LOVE to hear about your experience.  There are some horror stories about couples that have to live apart for up to a year waiting for paperwork to go through.  Shudder.

In the meantime, my butt is stuck to this laptop gathering evidence of our relationship's authenticity.  Lets just say that our past emails are more than a little embarrassing.  The photos as well.  

We were so little!!!
Happy Belated Canada Day.

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  1. Yay! I am very happy for you guys. We should go grab some Starbucks together when you move home :)


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