The Smell Of Freshly Cut Grass

July 06, 2012

I wrote in a previous post about my new obsession with Kinfolk.  Well, it gets better and better.  To celebrate releasing the 4th issue of their Magazine, Kinfolk gave us "An Ode to Summer".

This is... just beautiful.  I don't know how to describe it.  I might have teared up just a tiny bit, though... 

My favorite video about my favorite season.
Video by Seachant.
I immediately watched all of the Kinfolk videos after seeing this.  Its basically like watching a vlog containing most of my daydreams. Well the ones where I'm beautiful and I sit in the serenity of my lovely home watering my plants and making homemade bread. Delicious.

Ahem.  So my birthday is next week.  I promise not get mad at anyone who orders me Issue 4 of Kinfolk.  I cannot, however, guarantee I won't kiss you.  <3

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