Return of the Blogger

August 16, 2012

I know I have been MIA on this pretty little blog for over a month now.  

My excuse? -  simple lack of inspiration. I know, oh so boring. 
Also, I was sick for awhile.  

I need to be inspired to write and share and comment on the world and weird stuff that happens to me.  Sadly, nothing caught my attention lately.  Probably because my attention was preoccupied with a massive pile of tissues on the floor and hours of CSI New York. 

I would love to say I don’t often get sick, but if I do happen to catch a bug (or virus or whatever) it sticks and just won’t let go.  

My theory is that I happen to be marvelous company for germs.   They love me and want to stay forever.  I really do watch amazing tv when I’m down for the count so I don’t really blame them.

Why yes, I have learned some things.  Thanks for asking.

1.  In every cop drama there is some sort of loving side-kick character who never fails to say “Don’t worry _____, we’re gonna get this guy” at some point during absolutely every episode.  I find this both annoying and strangely comforting.

2.  If you exercise*, the following day you will feel okay; tired, a little noodley but altogether not that bad.  This is the exercise demons testing you.  If you don’t exercise or thoroughly stretch again the next day, you better have understanding friends because you will yelp every single time you sit, stand, take a step or make a feeble attempt at climbing stairs. *Dancer body workout- trust me, its good.  You might cry, but its worth it.

3. Washing dishes (the most ghastly abhorent household chore) while listening to a book podcast like Jane Eyre, is SO much better than just plain old washing dishes.
**Please Note: Follow the above link and download the Jane Eyre podcast (or any other equally enthralling novel). You just might find yourself thinking and talking to yourself in an incredible, posh, English accent.

4. Take vitamins.  Wear slippers.

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  1. #2 Hahaha!! I guess I DO feel a little noodley after a good workout the night before. Bravo for finding the perfect word to sum that up :)

  2. 1. you are right about the cop drama sidekick. I love that it comforts you.
    2. I will try to listen to Jane Eyre next time I do the dishes. I so hate doing the dishes. So hate.


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