You always remember your first.

October 12, 2012

I love my MacBook.  I really do.  

She (I call her Cricket, obviously there is a story behind that) was a gift from my parents when I returned home from my gap year in South Africa.  I loved her then, and I love her now.

We've been through so much, she and I.  Almost two years of long distance skype chats, all night youtube makeup tutorials, and more wedding pinning than I would like to admit... we've come such a long way.  

And now, as excited as I am, I regret to say that I'm looking for a new machine.  When it comes to the every day tasks, Cricket is still as fast and beautiful as she used to be.  But as I'm diving into the world of photography and videography, she can't keep up like she used to.

So my darling, although you will always be my first... its time to move on.  Thanks for playing my tv marathons and for DJ-ing at my wedding.  You are one legendary little critter.


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