November 18, 2012

You know the point of making mistakes is so that you don't do the same dumb thing twice?

I guess I never got that memo.

A few days ago I got super motivated to be super woman that I made cookies, cleaned the house and did some exercise.

The dancer body workout is still my favorite total body workout from home.  This one really does the trick, its challenging (I can only do the routine one and a half times) and rewarding (you really  feel tighter all over right away somehow).

Speaking of tighter.  It is recommended that, after an exercise session of this magnitude... one should stretch out and ***KEY POINT HERE***  Do some exercise the next day.  Skip around.  Go for a jog.  Walk your baby.  Do something!  Otherwise you will yelp like a little girl every time you have to sit down, stand up, raise your hand, slap someone across the face... doing any of that stuff inflicts a kryptonite-esque pain that WILL send you calling for your mommy.  

So do yourselves a favor little peeps.  Don't sit around feeling great about yourself post-exercise.  The actual routine is pancakes on a tuesday morning compared to what happens to your inner thighs if you don't keep that stuff limber.

Even my ribs are sore today... how is that even possible?


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