Fashionably Late

November 11, 2012

I hate arriving early... perhaps it has something to do with me not being good at not looking awkward when there aren't a ton of people milling about?  More probably it is because I get lost a lot and I'm always unsure of my ability to follow directions.  This way, I can just go where I see people.  Thats usually a good bet for getting to the right place.

However, I do admire people who come early... they are so smart and so brave in my humble opinion.

Anyways, my point is that I am a little sad I wasn't slightly less fashionably late to this particular event.  Sergeant Pepper Clothing launched a line which is oozing vintage style military awesomeness dialed down to a very simple, well-thought-out collection of 'awesome guy clothes'.  All those dudes you see on pinterest with the cool tats and beards?  These are the clothes that they wear.  Or at least they wish they were wearing...

But sometimes you need more than just new clothes to draw a crowd so another local gem (probably not local for much longer, methinks) Gangs of Ballet played a few songs that made everyone tap their feet and dance on the spot.  

I was, however, under the impression that undies are supposed to be thrown onto the stage at a concert... not hanging in the backdrop. 

Nev the Barber was giving free crew cuts which is pretty awesome.  I can't seem to get a men's cut specifically right so I have SO much respect for this guys art.   

Bye Bye surf mops and hello clean cut. My sincere approval might stem from a long-time love of preppy boys.   Good hair and some argyle?  Hold me back.

By far the best part of the evening was testing this cold-pressed (brewed?) coffee. With some serious intensity, Kyle of Columbo (Factory Cafe?) explained to me that this coffee hasn't been heated at all... but rather that it had been cold brewed for something like 16 hours to extract the distinct flavor.  What?  I'm not sure its a sustainable way for me to get my morning cup of jo... but I have to say its the most delicious iced coffee I've ever tasted.  No sugar or milk required.

I know my iced caffeine because I spent a better part of a year living on those things while studying and working back home in Victoria, BC (regrettably from Starbucks, judge me.)  Do you know that bitter taste which happens when the coffee hits ice?  Makes your nostrils tingle and a little bit and a small itch form in the back of your throat.  

I know that taste well, its unfortunately an occupational hazard when one requires a cool jolt in the summer.

Well, this cold brewed beauty has none of that.  Its like iced coffee... minus the bitter!  The difference is as dramatic as drinking pulp free orange juice vs icky juice with bits.  My life has definitely improved being introduced to this new treat early in the summer.  Factory Cafe may see more of me as the temperature rises because I'm already craving another cool, delicious sip.

Here is a little video so you too can feel like you were there last night.  Minus tasting the coffee, of course.

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