In spirit.

November 29, 2012

I dearly love the Christmas spirit.  You know that feeling sometime in October when everyone realizes that Christmas is coming again, already!?
Oh I treasure that feeling... Christmas is coming!  Christmas is coming!

Now its basically here. 

Time to dig out my copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and watch it on the down-low immediately when December begins.  Then again on Christmas Eve. 

If I could live in a video for an afternoon, I pick this one.

The simple tune and the forest-y theme  leave me wistfully pondering my year.

I have met SO MANY amazing new friends.

Learned to navigate photoshop.

Have had some real 'meetings'  (I've always wanted to schedule a 'meeting'.)

Filmed and edited my first wedding. (You'll see that here soon...)

Got a new laptop...(I could go on)

Something my friend said the other day (literally within a few days of today, not the South African 'the other day' which could mean a year ago.) looking at our facebook pages is "Wow, life is actually really good"

I am so fortunate because I really do have so much.  There are exciting times, peaceful times, stressful times, busy times, heart breaking times and still, quiet times; but life as a whole is truly wonderful.

I have missed my family, being so far away.  Nothing makes me think of them more than when the season turns festive and I recall all of the beautiful memories and traditions associated with the Christmas season.  I look forward to stuffing stockings and making home made egg nog all on my own this year but I miss those serious food comas and an endless supply of Christmas music and movies.  Hopefully we can all celebrate together next year.

PS:  Can you see I've been Blog - o - vating?  

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  1. I'll make sure next year to have tons of eggnog and food coma food ready lol. That way you can go on a Christmas food tour lol.


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