That Time That I Got Married

November 19, 2012

This post is dedicated to the fact that exactly one year ago I got hitched.  Off the market for good.  One dude for ever and ever.

I know I'm supposed to gush about how I 'married my best friend' and so on and so forth.  But this is more about me bragging about our accomplishment.  Being married 24/7 for a whole year.

Sometimes people don't close the door when they are making a wee wee.

Sometimes people don't light a match when they make something other than a wee wee.

Sometimes people keep other people awake because of their slight insomnia problem.

Sometimes people fall asleep on their back and snore before the other person can fall asleep.

Other times people sit around watching tv shows till 2 in the morning.

But most of the time I smile to myself and stare at him awkwardly because I like him so much.  I talk about him, brag about him and wink at him far too much.  Because he's just... my person.  Don't try to understand it. You won't get it until you're in the middle of it... when you finally get there its like you've woken up and life before was just a fuzzy dream.  

So happy anniversary to me and this smart, hard-working, witty, snarky, adorable sunofagun.  I went all in, I invested my life savings in this dude and, let me tell you, its very VERY rewarding. (wink wink)

Check Derryn Semple's Blog  here for some anniversary pics.  A little hint... we ate cake on top of a large building.



Obviously many thanks to my dear and best Kat at BlueBottle Photography for taking our wedding photos.  She is the best ever.

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  1. I love your list of I remember that feeling of accomplishment, after the first year. It is hard work, always, but sometimes, people live happily ever after <3


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