These Days

November 04, 2012

I used to listen to a lot of country music.  Rascal Flatts was one of my favorites during my 'I want to marry a cowboy' stage.  To this day, when I read the words 'these days', I hear that song in my head.  

In five years time, I wonder if I'll look back and say 'those were the days when I was in love with indie folk music'?  I shudder to think what music future me will listen to.  My life can be a little hard to predict.  I didn't know 5 years ago that I would be living here and doing this.  

Something for today:  an idea that I have for a small project.

My grandma would always have a small knitting project next to her chair (my grandparents had their own specific chairs... kind of like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory)  She usually liked small, simple projects that she could finish and use or give away.  Small cloths were the perfect thing.  I sat next to her chair during my summer holiday at the farm and I would watch her knit, talk to her and ask questions.  She quietly explained to me how she was doing what she did, without going into too much detail.  I think quiet helped her focus.

Those half finished knitting projects always bring back to my mind the memory of gold plush carpet between my fingers and a droning headache as I spent way too much of my time watching I Dream Of Jeannie reruns instead of playing outside in the fresh air.  But I digress... the point of this is to try to knit a facecloth.

Facecloth is a hint forshadowing another post i'll write soon.

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