Call Me Poncho Poncho Poncho

January 24, 2013

I am a classic little moo cow.  Grazing on my delicious grass...chomp chomp chomp.  Basking in the glory of having like four stomachs and thinking that life is pretty good.  

Then I spot a fence.

There is grass that I'm eating here.  

But there is ALSO grass that I'm NOT eating over there.

I would like THAT grass please.

So naturally I (now back in my human form) just want to wear warm wooly winter stuff.  Because its hot and sweaty and I should be shopping for shorts and flowy dresses.

But alas, this what I've been musing over, loving on, and daydreaming of wearing.


They had their moment back in 2002, when I was in junior high.  I think.  My sense of fashion might have been a little off at that stage.  There was the incident of the 70's psychedelic polyester button up... not cool.

I like what Maddy has going on here. She blogs about things I like on a pretty consistent basis.  

 Not my pictures. Source

images via pinterest

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  1. I really like ponchos! Yeah, they came around when I was in junior high, too, and haven't seen them since! I like yours... really cool print. love the colors.

    I'd love to have one, but have yet to find the perfect one!

    xx. amber

    1. I think you mean Maddie's poncho. I shared a few pics from her blog (unfortunately its too warm here for me to even THINK about wearing a poncho!) as inspiration. You should check out her blog (linked under the photos) to see more style posts if you love that poncho as much as I do!


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