The Christening of the SS V-Day Blog Post

January 26, 2013

Okay, so its that time of year again.

You have finally (hopefully) reduced the jolly Christmas gut and work, school, etc. is now back in full swing.  You're focused.  You're in the zone.  You are projecting projects, cooking dinner parties, birthing birthday parties, and beating the you-know-what out of deadlines.  Before you know it, you're sleeping on the couch on February 15th.

So, forgetting about Valentines Day is something that every boy does at least once in his lifetime (except for 'friend zone' guys... they don't count.  Statistically outliers.)

My dear husband, when we were dating, forgot our first Valentines. Only now, 4 years later, can I finally talk speak of it without feeling smoke billow from my flared nostrils.

I know, I know.  It shouldn't really be the end of the world (Valentines is, after all, affectionately known as 'spot the angry single person' day, isn't it?)

However, the optimist in me thinks there is a way to make this holiday a more creative, loving, thoughtful occasion than the usual tacky-pink-teddy-bear-and-heart-shaped-box-of-chocolates-throw-up-in-your-mouth-hallmark-cupidity (See what I did there?  Cupid and stupidity).

So until Valentines Day I'll share various alternative ways I think you should celebrate .  Gift ideas and 'activities' that might help you actually have a good time this year.  Whether you are hooked up, single or hitched.

For the maiden voyage of the SS V-Day Post.  We will be traveling to a land called Etsy.

Etsy is a wonderful place where people who are talented in the hand-making (not actually making hands.  But more making things WITH their hands... in case that was a little unsettling) and finding vintage goodies gather at this sort of ultimate online craft market.  Buying from Etsy, you support real people trying to make a living doing what they love instead of big yucky corporations with their gross mass produced yuck-ness.

The best part?  You can buy gift cards.  Obviously not the most low-budget of choices for the 14th of February, but its SO worth it.

Here are some ideas/shops on Etsy that I really don't have a problem with.

1.Takemoto bamboo glasses
2. A Merry Mishap - Red Geo Earrings
3. Fushiagold - Metallic Leather Diamond Earrings
4.RossLab - Heart Nesting Bowls
5. Deuce Fashion - Brass Spike Necklace
6.Antiquirk - A Bit Of Paris Print
7. Skinny Laminx - Duikers Cushion Cover
8.  OliveDear  - Boston Terrier Print

Thanks for reading.  I just realized that I write this blithely ignorant to the notion that people other than women probably don't read this blog.  Because its pretty full of girly stuff.  Whatever.  Ladies, email your boy a link and make his life.

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