Just a 6 minute Oscar winning short film. No Biggie.

February 01, 2013

Still aboard the SS V-Day.

I was planning to talk about dinner.  Because dinner is the stage of choice when trying to conjure up some form of Cupid-ish performance.

But then five minutes ago I watched this:

So this is my new love-spiration.  I am a sap, a romantic, a soggy little mop... collector of squishy gooey flamingos-mate-for-life (do they?  is it flamingos?) kind of crap.  All day long.  I'm a snarky optimist.  Underneath this 'people are dumb' defiant attitude is a girl who wishes she could stay awake through more than one chapter of a Jane Austen novel.  Because the stories are so romantic... because crazy stuff happens and people fall in love after all.  Or not.  Jane Austen is actually quite the snark herself if you pay attention.  Which I don't.  I just watch the movies.  Miss Austen for me is kind of like a naptime hypnosis tape for some odd reason.

So show this to the one you love.  Show it to your girlfriends and coo all over it because this, people, is better than any rom com.  And its 6 minutes?!?!

luv ya.

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  1. Oh my gosh that's beautiful!!!!

  2. Aw, I remember seeing this clip before a movie (can't remember which one - probably Brave), and I absolutely LOVED it!!
    xo TJ


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