Purple Valentine

February 14, 2013

Seriously people.

I made the MOST rookie of errors yesterday.

So as amy pohler says in baby mama "I'm was just touchin up ma roots" 
Watch that movie.  Its definitely in my top 5.  Amy Poehler and Tina Fey?  Yuhs Puhlayz!

Back to my sad little tale. Like so many times before, I was getting the dark out of my roots except I this time I was distracted by something.  Maybe I took too many vitamins that morning making my life all too optimistic.  I remixed my purple toner (because lifting my color leaves me with the most attractive shade of yellow) instead of popping it in with my extra shampoo like normal, I decided mixing it with a bit of deep conditioner was the way forward. Two birds one stone.  I'll let it chill there for a bit and my hair will be nice and silvery smooth.  Wrong-o.

I dumped too much gentian violet into the mix (facepalm) and like an IDIOT just applied it to my hair.  I sat calmly selecting the root areas that were most affected by the canary crotch yellow situation humming mumford and sons to myself like everything was peachy.

Then I had a moment of clarity.

This purple is far too purple.

This isn't... OH DEAR.

rinse rinse rinse


rinse rinse

normal shampoo.

rinse rinse

Now I look like half a smurf.  I feel like Kate Hudson on Bride Wars when her hair turns blue as a result of a brilliant prank by Anne Hathaway.  Hot.

So I am now spending Valentine's Day marathoning through SATC Season 2 with a pink dress and purple hair.  The glory of being me.

Also, for the last Valentine's Day post.

Were there.  Its today.  Flowers are basically your option from here.  If you're in the same timezone as I am, hope is thinning like a New York Fashion Week model.

Here is a way to not screw that up.

Top Two: Peace Lillies
Bottom Two: White Orchids

A flower. In a pot.  Now, if you're lady is anything like me, a plant that comes with its own dirt isn't likely to last any longer than ones that have cut stems and require a vase.  This is because I do not have the instinct to preserve and nurture the life of green things.  Honestly, I kill most plants; but I console myself with the idea that I'm saving all my life-preserving energy on being ready for my own offspring...rather than a little sprig one day.  Call me delusional but its how I sleep at night. 

Anyways, one year my dad bought my mom a peace lily for Valentines Day.  My parents were never flowers people for some reason (my dad just never bought them and my mom never seemed to mind)  but that one year he splashed out and decided that indoor plants were the way forward in the 'things that say i love you' race.  That was almost ten years ago and my mom still has it today.  It has been split, given away, moved houses and produced so many delicate white blooms of pure, delicate beauty.  I don't know about Mom, but every time I look at that peace lily I think of the Valentines Day of 2004.  So instead of making Valentine's Day memorable for the tears you caused in forgetting it, make it last with the gift of flora. A la the 'love fern' from How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

What flowers make you tear up a little?

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  1. Pictures or it didn't happen :P Seriously though, if anyone can pull off purple hair, it's you.


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