That Time I Worked On A Movie

February 28, 2013

I'm back from my week on set and another week to recuperate from waking at the god-aweful hour of 4:45am.  12 hour days, early hours... this could mean only one thing.

I was working on a movie set.

Nothing too glamorous to report, I'm afraid.  Angelina Jolie didn't need me to babysit her 14th baby and Amy Adams never made beuf bourgingnon for the crew, but I must say it was a fascinating week.

I learned a lot about myself.  Like the fact that speaking on the phone to people I don't know and cannot understand very well, to my pleasant surprise, doesnt actually kill me.

See, I have this thing about talking on the phone.  I'm terrified.  This one time, I was applying for a visa to visit South Africa for one year and I was on the phone a lot confirming medical paperwork and postage and whatnot.  I think I had three people tell me off in one day because I couldn't hear them properly and they were busy and didn't have time for my honest questions.  Maybe it injured my pride because I was pretty used to being kind of smart.  I may be a bit blonde and a tiny bit of a ditz... but when I need to be, I'm sharp as an ice pick.  So there were these... female puppies... an inch shy of yelling at me on the phone because I didn't know what I was talking about.  The reason I didn't know things was because I needed to ask.  Which I was doing.  And I was so used to asking questions and people being fine with providing me the answers.  SO it kind of broke my little innocent spirit when at 17, the women on the other side of the phone yelled at me for being a little mis-informed as to what I might have needed or when my requests could be processed.

Anyway, since then, I've always had this phobia about talking on the phone.  I prefer to communicate via text or email  because I have time to read what the other person says twice to make sure I understand what they are saying and vice versa.  When I pick up the phone to dial my heart starts pounding and I get this strange tingly feeling in my nose like I'm about to cry and/or throw up.  Even if I'm just calling friends.  I hate it.

Well, I have to say that, after this week and spending more than an hour on the phone every day, I'm cured.  If it didn't cost me so much in cell phone minutes I would be on the phone all the time!  Slight exaggeration... but I'm pretty pumped!

Another thing?  Working 12 hours in a day is a little invigorating.  I felt like a champion.  I was exhausted but when I went to bed, there was NOTHING else I could expect of myself.  My work was done.

If I was a character on Sex and The City, I might be Miranda.  I know, she's the stubborn redhead (my obsession with being Anne Shirley may have developed a pattern?) and is really neurotic... but she is powerful, strong and works terribly hard for what she wants.  Carrie is more than a little ridiculous to me.  The whole show is her knowing what to do, and then doing the worst possible thing.  Annoying.  Samantha is just too gross (I may be inappropriate, but I'm not THAT inappropriate).  And Charlotte, bless Charlotte, so old fashioned she belongs in the bible belt... not in Manhattan.

So back to the movie set.

I talked on the phone negotiating and confirming stuff like catering, cast, hotel reservations and the like.  The movie is a Tamil (South Indian) film called Singam 2.  The main guy, Suriya, (he's apparently the george clooney of india) seems pretty cool but I ended up talking more to the villian, Danny.  Its hilarious to think really friendly, polite people can act like the 'bad guy'.   I don't know too much about the story except that there are a lot of car crash scenes, police fight scenes and apparently according to this clip of Singam 1, TONS of smack talk.

I actually hope to see the movie if it makes the local indian cinema... Just to see how everything turns out.

This film thing has sort of bitten me.  I really like the craziness mixed with the creative process.  Obviously this movie wasn't nearly as organized or well run as most mainstream hollywood productions, but working on it has made me feel like I would really love to be involved in a big movie set.  How cool would that be?

Oh and did I mention that REAL SHOTS were fired?  Like guns.  Real guns.  CrayCray.

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