What To Do.

May 03, 2013

There is this question that marks many a day in my life... what do I do?

In the spirit of being transparent, I DO more watching of television series than I would particularly like.  But the stories are so gripping.  I don't watch things to just veg out.  (Get ready, this is going to sound dumb, you will most likely not really take me seriously.)  I watch because I love to feel like I'm in the head of the writers, directors and producers.  I would love to read more books, just because I know it would develop my mind further in the grammar and vocabulary department... but television gets me.

The small shifts in musical tempo foreshadowing a twist... the way the camera focuses on the hands or backdrop, indicating the entrance of another character.  The point of view of each and every shot tell us so much without spelling it out.  This is good television for me.  A group of people who sit down and create a piece of art.  The mixing of sound, light and written word.

The talent of the actor, training themselves to emulate each tiny expression of deep emotion existing within their character at any given moment.  I have so much respect for these people.  I know actors and celebs seem to have charmed yet-irresponsible lives full of fabricated melodrama to keep us interested in their 'real' existence.  But true talent is undeniable.  Thinking how a character like Emily Thorne (revenge) or Elizabeth Jennings (The Americans) was just a name followed by a colon on a medium sized stack of papers outlining their plight.  Emily Van Camp and Keri Russel read these words; the spaces between, and are somehow able to adopt the soul of the character created from black ink, white paper and thin air.

I know the jobs of people like nurses, teachers and paramedics are often taken for granted, then periodically celebrated for they are noble, good and aw-inspiring.  As much as I have bottomless respect for individuals who can sit patiently with 20 odd kids all day, keeping them from eating paste, (also refraining from eating paste themselves) I can't help but be inspired by the creative oddballs of our world.

The actresses who serve coffee for years, waiting for their big break.  Dealing with rejection all day long... I couldn't be that brave, that confident in my abilities to work so hard toward a goal that may or may not pan out.

So kudos to actors and writers and directors!  Without which, we would not be able to come home from our jobs as firefighters and mail-persons to relax and escape into the world of entertaining fiction that is TV

Favorite TV shows right now:
The Americans, Revenge, New Girl, Smash, Mad Men...

I use this app to track what is airing soon and what I've seen so far.  Also IMDb mobile for discovering new things to watch and love.

Also, Reece and I play this game where I will predict the next plot twist "He's going to show up with a gun and shoot that girl"... or something to that effect.  And I am rewarded with a high five if I'm right.  If I'm wrong, well, I'm married... this dude knows better than to discuss unhealthy subjects like me being wrong. ;)

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