Yesterday. Yester-freaking-day.

June 07, 2013

Yesterday was one of the better days that I've had.  On a scale of 1 to 10?  It was amaze-balls.  Also, it was balls to the wall.  All of the balls. Fantast-balls.  (If I keep up thinking in non-words my scrabble champ title will be swiftly ripped from my icy fingers by someone accustomed to formulating real, English words)

First of all, I accomplished things.  Things that make me feel all important- like.  Editing photos... organizing my laptop folders and making space on my hard drive so this beautiful little *stella girl can get off my ass about the startup disk being full.

(*stella is the name of my laptop - she is beautiful and thin but high maintenance.  like a model.)

But yesterday, Stella was well on her way to being happy... or at least content, I was phoning around like a boss to confirm stock and pricing for a new camera lens (HEEEEEEEEEP!) and immediately after exporting my last set of edited photos to their organized little folder, Reece and I set out to the big, rich people shopping center to purchase my treasure:  the canon 50mm f/1.8 aka "The Nifty Fifty".

Then I waited patiently...putting my receipt in a safe place (I have learned that with anything that GIVES you a warranty... you're probably not going to use it when you should, simply because you didn't keep the receipt or read the warranty agreement.  My dad thoroughly drilled into me the virtue of knowing all that stuff and keeping your proof of purchase.  Do it, people.  Just do it.)

After pizza filled our bellies, joy filled our hearts that night as we unpacked the newly minted treasure.  People, this lens is so cute and adorable.  Its small and eager to please, making all the pictures I take THAT MUCH CLOSER to how I feel they should appear when I press the shutter button.

I need to stand further back than I'm accustomed, but its OH SO SMALL a price for lovely depth of field and an extra few f-stops.

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