The Trip, The Baby, The Backstory.

October 09, 2013

I’m just taking a break from editing our Spain pictures.  Oh. My. Expletive.

Its been a crazy few months.  

Think back to July.   We decide that the Canadian government workers’ strike is going to prolong the visa/permanent residency process for us... and that we should just LIVE NOW because our birthday always reminds us of the fact that we’re really not going to be young and beautiful forever.  Well, not young.  This male counterpart of mine is going to definitely age in the way of Pitt and Clooney.  Fabulous hairline and strong features that only get better with age.

Me, on the other hand.  I fear I may age more like Britney than Gwyneth.  Minus the head shaving.

So anyway, back to living it up.  We booked our tickets.  I carefully crafted an itinerary based on travel tips mostly from other bloggers (Thank you so much {designlovefest} and {garypeppervintage} for posting about your travels.  I was inspired by your recommendations and beautiful photos!  Long live the travel diary!)

Fast forward one month.

Suddenly there are pee sticks, fuzzy black and white blobs and fatigue like nothing ever imagined by either one of us.

But we were thrilled.  So so thrilled.

Then, suddenly the visa process is speeding towards the finish line like a runaway train!!!!  

Doctor visits galore, paperwork, nervously shifting in seats and looking at each other like “Holy &%*( what are we doing???”

So obviously Spain was booked, we were definitely going.  But in the weeks leading up to it, I can’t tell you I’ve been sicker in my 23 years on this earth.  At certain points I woke up crying because the overwhelming feeling of sickness and general magnetism toward nothing but bed and pickles... at 3am.

Pregnancy is no joke.  I have no idea how a show called “I didn’t know I was pregnant” is actually possible.  That concept is completely befuddling.  After all I went through in months 1 and 2... it would be un fathomable for me to not KNOW that there was another small person making an entrance.  Drama drama drama.  This is most definitely my kid.

The morning we left for Spain a got REALLY sick.  Like the food that I ate, it was no longer there shortly after consuming it kind of sick.

If you know me well, you would understand that becoming sick in this fashion has only happened to me a handful of times in my life.  Since becoming an adult its occurred only once.

You know what made me be sick like I’ve never been sick before?  Broccoli.  I tried my best to eat veggies because I know the trap of a carb only diet and it always ends in me getting an obscene amount of back fat.  And back fat is the worst.

So I am munching on broccoli and carrot sticks after a breakfast of yogurt, bran and apples.  I was feeling like such a good mommy.

Fast forward 20 minutes and the healthy snacks and breakfast had been evacuated. 
* I hereby pause this post to show the photos from our first 24 hours in Barcelona.  That city is pretty mesmerising *

I'll post more photos with stories, tips and recommendations for Spain.  

So paternity is confirmed.  This is my broccoli-hating, carb loving marital counterpart’s fetus.  My situation on the 18th of September reminded me of this quote, which always makes me snicker but now its more of a knowing scoff.

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  1. Hahaha, 3 oz fetus calling the shots, oh Dwight. Hope you're over the worst of the sickness and it's smooth sailing from here to babyville ;-)


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