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October 08, 2013

So here is the beginning of our combination honeymoon/babymoon.  We chose Spain because we wanted to absorb a rich, old culture along with a balmy beach getaway.  Barcelona and Menorca dominated the short list so off we went.  

First of all : I've travelled quite a bit by myself, so I've become kind of stuck in my ways re: how I organise myself in the airport and airplane.   Once Reece agreed that I am the guru of international travel by air... things became a lot less tense ;)

Here are my top tips for air travel in general:

1.  ALWAYS check in online and book seats as close to the front of the plane as possible.  You're the last to board and the first to get out.  I love being the last to board because it means I spend the least amount of time in the squishy seats of coach.  Often you wait in a smaller line to check bags if you've checked in online.

2.  Read the fine print regarding cabin baggage.  We flew ryanair to menorca and they have a strict rule of 10kgs and a certain dimension of bag you can bring into the cabin.  This is INCLUDING your personal handbag.  Unlike many airlines, they pay CLOSE attention to what you bring on the plane and being even the tiniest increment above the limit will set you back 70Euros.   The flight was probably only worth 50.  So be careful and always obey the rules.  You don't want to be the ignorant loser who has to dump their clothes in the garbage at the gate.

3.  ZIPLOCKS.  I look slightly ocd when I travel because absolutely ANYTHING that isn't clothes has its own ziplock (or shares with other non clothing items).  I have had everything from purfume to nail polish explode in my luggage and its never ever ruined my stuff because its contained to its own sealed little bag.  

4. Flip flops and sweats.  I have never set of a metal detector at security.  My poor husband gets felt up every single time we board a plane.  I never wear a watch, belt, big shoes or too many hair clips when flying.  A)  Its not comfortable  B)  I do not enjoy a sour woman patting me down 

5. Packaged snacks (I like granola/energy bars).  Airports are expensive and I always arrive WAY early for my flight so its really nice to have something to munch that didn't cost a fortune.

Prime example of overpriced airport food :  The Shake Shack in Dubai.

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