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October 10, 2013

Well, part of the reason I neglected my blog is:

1) We moved.  And when I feel like I've accomplished a big thing, I usually get impossibly lazy.
2) I acted as proud second shooter to Derryn Semple on a few amazing weddings.
3) I shot video for another wedding.
4) After all that, suddenly we were pregnant, going to Spain, and trying to finalise Reece's permanent residency paperwork for Canada ALL AT ONCE.

So its safe to say that blogging wasn't really so 'on my radar'.

But now I feel like I'm in the space of mind to write, share and joke around a lot about life lately and whats happening in general.

For instance.  I did a silly thing.

I decided that at 12 weeks pregnant and after two 5+ hour flights and a 10 hour layover in Dubai, it would be an amazing idea to second shoot a wedding at home the very. next. day.

I was right to do it, because the wedding was SO much fun.  I loved all of it.  But oh tomato was I beat half to a pulp after. My poor husband.

Here is a sneak peek, I'll post about it properly when I've sufficiently exposed you to some of my other recent work.

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