16 weeks. Houston, we have movement!

November 07, 2013

Well, the name Houston isn't on our list, so don't think that was some clever, underhanded hint.  We're not sharing the final name decisions (we do, however, have them already) until baby birth day.

So I'm really disliking the part of being pregnant that consists of people moving between my face and my stomach, looking slightly perplexed during any given conversation.  Like a person would experience if they had just got breast implants, but cheap ones.  Like the kind where the surgeon puts in two different sizes.  And everyone is all... hmmmmmm.

Thankfully I had the delightful pleasure of having a stranger comment on my being pregnant.  Obviously this isn't acceptable for normal people to do.  But this guy was trying to sell me a croissant sandwich along with my iced coffee and I think he was grasping at any selling point he could.  

"I see there are two of you, are you sure you aren't hungry?"

Minus ten points on the scale of 'not embarrassing yourself as a human', but nice try buddy.  Also, it means that I don't just look like I buy the wrong clothes for my figure ;)

I thought I would really enjoy taking lots of pictures of the whole 'belly growing' process.  But the truth is, I dislike it a lot.  I've been avoiding taking any pictures of myself since Spain because 

a) I'm not doing anything interesting

b) Pasta belly just isn't a great look.  Baby or not.

Hopefully I'll get around to posting my comments about each week.  (Most of them are of the 'omg-what-the-*beep*-have-I-done' variety)

So far, I don't think there is much I would have done differently.  Except be more vigilant about exercise.  But then, when you feel like absolute horse manure its reeeeeeeeally hard to do anything but rewatch the first three seasons of Downton Abbey and hope its over soon.

Speaking of Downton... OMG its amazing.  Season 4.  I didn't think you could pull it off.  You're like white pants.  Cring-y in concept, but Michelle Dockery can pull you off FO-SHO.

OH PS:  Tomorrow morning is ultrasound morning!  Boy or Girl?  He or she?

WE SHALL SEE!  (perhaps... there is a chance that baby won't co-operate which I must emotionally prepare myself for because the hormones... oh the hormones)

So were planning things like this:

We shall give the doctor this little card I designed and politely ask him to not reveal the gender during the appointment but rather to go back to his desk and check the appropriate box.  Afterwards, were going to have brunch together somewhere lovely and peek inside our future!.

I love the idea of a party and a cake and stuff, but we just don't have the time to administrate that right now with everything going on.  So I want something special but simple.

Then, I'll change the titles to my baby pin boards to indicate where my creative curative energies will go from now on. Check them out here: 

Right.  I'm off to kill time before tomorrow.  Can't wait!

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