Exactly Two Years.

November 19, 2013

As I write this post, it it 1:50pm in the afternoon in Durban, South Africa.  Exactly two years ago I was standing in off-white, beaming my freshly whitened smile at this adorable guy in a really cool vest (waistcoat).  There were vines covering part of the window, so only a little bit of the persistent light could enter.  The light that managed to shine through mist and chilly air that hung that quiet day.

And that is what we are.  We are about soaking up the light that fights its way through tough times and tears and stupid weather.  Because in that light, I didn't see any mist or fog or anything.  I saw my very ideal.  My goal.  My epicentre. Finally, all our hard work paid off and we survived and nobody could make us stay apart ever again.

This type of reminiscing is, frankly, really quite ironic; given the current circumstances.  In a few days we part ways geographically for a short while.  Our hugs and kisses will temporarily be 'I love you' and 'I miss you' with a one to five second delay over Skype.  Our goodnights and good mornings will be timezones apart.  Sigh.  I can do this.

But today were still both breathing the same humid air in this sub-tropical climate.  And today we celebrate our second (and final) year as just us two.

In this past year, I have learned so much about myself.  What makes me the worst candidate to be someone's wife.  I suck at cleaning and cooking regularly.  I don't earn a large or consistent income.  I can tend to be easily offended and I dearly love to have a good fight.  Confrontation in general... that gets my blood pumping.

Obviously in the process of discovering all my faults, I was able to multitask and point out the less-than-ideal parts of my partner.  You know, in the spirit of being thorough.

Its after I take inventory of all the junk, it somehow makes me appreciate our bond.  Because there is no explanation for it.  How did we fall in love?  I don't know.  I recognised something about Reece that I absolutely could not imagine living without.  It shows up as a different quality every day.  My heart hurts to leave him, even just for a little while.  Even for the best.

I love this guy.  I'm so proud of all he's accomplished, how he's grown and who he is becoming.

My little girl is the luckiest in the world to have such a pops.  Can't wait for her to meet him :)

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to us.

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