Oh. Oh. We're Half Way There?

December 17, 2013

Well my pretties, here it is.  We're half way there.  This peach and me.

I arrived safely and relatively without drama in my cold homeland... ok lies there was total drama all over.  

But first, the pictures.  Katrina Massey of Blue Bottle Photography and I reunite after she photographed our wedding photos two whole years ago!  I have so loved seeing how apparently pretty my little family can look through her particular lens.  Mostly though, this past while, I just missed my bestie.  We had almost two weeks of coffee, watching stupid talk shows and glorious baby shopping together.  It totally hit the spot.

So the draaaaaaaamaaaaaaaa

Step 1.  Guy next to me nearly gets kicked off the plane for being a drunken scary mess from Manchester.  (That was among the drivel that he was sputtering following his 8th miniature bottle of ick cheap wine)

Step 2.  British airways were total arse-faces to me on the next leg of my flight and gave me a middle seat when I pre-booked an aisle to help with the pregnant peeing-every-five-minutes routine.  They totally hassled me even when I tried to hang out inconspicuously at the back of the plane and cry myself out of existence whilst trying to stretch out my leg cramps.

Step 3.  Run out of gas 5 minutes from the airport to fly to my parents' place.  After filling the car by hand with a jerry-can, realise that the battery is dead.  Arrive to an airport security checkpoint smelling of gasoline and totally flustered.  

"Cross my heart I did not just make a bomb quick before coming here"

I would't have really said that.  Joking about bombs in an airport = invariably uncool.

Step 4.  Slip on the ice in - 30 weather for the exclusive purpose of breaking my elbow.  Inflicting pain and discomfort that can only be treated with tylenol on account of the offspring I currently house.

Step 5.  Luckily I never take drugs at all so tylenol kind of makes me high. xx

The End.

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  1. So much travel drama, yikes, but you look so great! Did you literally break your elbow?

    1. I don't know why I was looking back this far: but I never saw these comments for some reason! I did actually break my elbow. Sadly they can't really do anything but feel sorry for you and give you tylenol when that happens.

  2. Oh my gosh what beautiful pictures but what a horrible story of getting to Canada! So sorry! Hope everything is going well now and that you are all settled! Much love x Jodes (Hill)

    1. Thanks (over a year late :P) for the sweet comment! We are all settled now - as we should very well be. Congrats on your little one!

  3. Such funny descriptions! :D Shame man, not nice to go through. Beautiful, apt pictures. Take care x


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