One Month. Cue More Expletives.

May 28, 2014

Well, my little girl is a whole month old now.  

I used to measure the days she had been on this earth... when her birth was still so fresh on my body and in my mind.  I remembered the agony well but I was proud of this little thing I accomplished.  We made such a great team, she and I.

Now she's seen every single day of the week.  More than once.  Piper knows about Mondays.  She knows about the weekend.  She loves to sleep good on the weekend because she loves chillin with her pops.

Piper loves baths.  Piper does not love bubbles in her face.

Piper loves long walks.

Piper loves to eat.  Piper will eat anywhere.  Just today she was eating while I walked down to the parking garage to let someone in.  She eats at Starbucks.  Any coffee shop really... Piper is not brand loyal.  Nothing will stop my little piglet from getting whats hers.

This month she has gained more than two pounds, she can hold her head up for a frightfully long while. And she snores.  Like a trucker.

She's snoring while I write this brief post to let the interwebs know that I am capable of doing something productive while having a child.  So there.  Take that.  Now to quickly publish before she wakes up.  Because Piper doesn't stand for late meals.  Won't be having one bit of that nonesense.

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