12 day old Pipes and a trip into the evil, germy public.

June 07, 2014

Bonjour internet.

Back when we were but 12 days old, mama felt suddenly ill and had to go to a walk in clinic.  This moment is a sad face moment because bringing a brand spanking new baby into the public is moderately terrifying, I think, for all mothers.  I took my Pipes with me into a room full of people with suspicious coughs and fevers and itches.  It was awful, gut-wrenching and I most definitely did cry.  In the end (after like 3 hours of waiting) I was fine. Turns out you're not supposed to haul your baby on foot more than 1km less than two weeks after they vacate your body.  Its not like they just GIVE you that vital info right after you push the little sucker out.  Hmph.  Something about common sense.  Whatever.  So the previous residence of my adorable little tenant was complaining about excess abuse.  Oops.  Mama was getting stir crazy.  Sorry.

After wiping up my snot, finishing my Starbucks and checking for the 25 000th time that my precious babe was breathing, Katrina and I went back to my house and took pictures.  Because I was going to be fine and Piper was back in our own family germs instead of ugly, public, west-nile-virus-ey germs.

Finally, a whole month later, my dear people who read this small corner of world wide web, this is us.  Piper and I.  We spend the day at home with mostly greasy hair, wearing clothes that are a lot more comfortable than they are attractive.  No makeup, because we ran out months ago and baby things are more important than face gunk.  This is what moms look like.  Sometimes we dress up and go out and pretend that we totally wear real clothes all day long and actually do our hair.  When really its a top knot to avoid hair pulling and some coconut oil to soothe the mysterious face rash.  I know.  So not glamorous.  But she is beautiful, no?  Worth every penny and every patch of skin as dry as Nevada.  Not Nivea.  Nevada.  The desert one.

Thanks Katrina Massey for the photos.  
And for sitting and waiting with me for hours in Starbucks.  <3 data-blogger-escaped-p="">

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