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June 26, 2014

I'm just going to bullet point some interesting facts about life as of late.  Because I'm still apparently trying to shake my life up and down to see if therein lies some sort of purpose, direction or answers.  Confidence?  Knowledge?  Organic, Non-Toxic, Hippie Mom Power?  
(Please,  my kid wears disposables and my recycling habits... are less frequent than my blogging habits.  Do the math.)

Currently, I'm watching the last soft beams of light as they pour through the blinds in my living room and the cool night air mingles with sounds of the street at 8:27pm.

My daughter is asleep.  

I love saying that.  My daughter.

I relish each moment speaking to someone official on the phone (doctor, nurse, and various receptionists for miscellaneous government departments)

My daughter, Piper.

She's two months old today.  My girl with the eyes like her dad, nose like her mom, and hair like a tiger.  The super platinum blonde bits are coming in but the lightening ginger chunks remain for the time being... creating this wonderfully adorable stripe effect... a la tiger.  Or calico kitten.  Something.  Anyway.

Piper knows about fists.  She can make them AND she can salivate all over them with pure satisfaction and delight illuminating her.

Part two on Piper's fists:  she, just today, learned to punch things.  Particularly a green frog named Freddy by Auntie Bestie Cait. 

Piper has been smiling pretty much since she entered this world... but it always felt a little robotic.  Like she was mastering the art before understanding the sentiment.  For the last two or three weeks her eyes light up in the morning when we release her from her swaddle (during which time we are appropriately singing "Release Me") and she gives a few joyful gum displays... But just in the last few days she has decided that the world deserves to see her smile all day long.  So when she is awake, oh my.  Prepare to scoop up your heart with a ladle.  Because it will melt like a popsicle in Dubai.  Make that ANYTHING in Dubai.  

These pictures, again, by the great and talented Katrina Massey were taken around a week ago.  She has already changed so much!  I really need to get the hang of blogging in a more timely fashion; I honestly tried to keep the number down... but there are many more that I didn't include just in the interest of not being obnoxious posting over 50 images.  Leave em wanting more and all that...

More later on strollers and random people at Wal Mart judging me.  The strollers weren't judging.  Just the randoms.

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