The Fourth Trimester.

August 05, 2014

So people say that pregnancy has 4 trimesters.  Labour lasts ages longer than the few days that we all scream for drugs and ice chips.  I didn't really get it until my baby was over a month old.

So Piper was kind of an angel.  I was told that this is just a 'newborn thing'  that all babies are easy when all they do is sleep and eat and poop contentedly.  I think not.  I've heard some nasty stories about babies right off the starting block.  Nights of waking and days of crying.  This was not my experience.

I was duped.  Tricked.  Teased into believing that I had a 'good baby'.  Inwardly I breathed a sigh of relief even though on the outside every night I had my supplies next to my bed for when I had to get up in the night.  Glass of water, spit blankets and cell phone.

Just in case.

But that just in case hardly ever happened.  By the time she was a week old,  she was sleeping 5 hour stretches and I hardly had use for my 'just in case' stash.  I was feeling more rested and stronger each day to face all of the feeding I had to do.  It was hard, but I was doing it.

Then somehow... after like 8 weeks or so...  Everything changed.  Everything.

By everything, by the way, I mean that my baby no longer slept the night.  She no longer even just stirred for food and passed out right away after.  She began to fuss, cry and just generally express contempt for her current situation.  

Seriously?  But... she was sleeping... and then in the morning we played... then she slept some more...  wha?

Where did my baby go?  No, not this red faced screaming thing.  I want the sweet sleepy one.  The one that has no interest in my face at 3am.  That is the kind of baby I like.

That is the baby I thought I had.


Not so.

So this is my thought.  First, I blame teething (yes, my three month old is getting teeth... you can think I'm nuts, but I can SEE THEM.)

Teething sucks at this age because, bless her soul, Piper kind of sucks at picking things up.  Opposable thumbs are a mystery to her miniature brain.  So its endless hours of frustration cries all for the want of something to OM NOM.

Second I blame all the brain development.

Look it up, babies grow a crap load during these first few months of life.  They go from little squishy zombies to tiny humans with words and mobility so quickly that it basically drives them to tears of anger and frustration every so often.  Like growing pains... but on the brain.  Its awful.

So I'm tired.  She's apparently grumpy-tired but doesn't sleep like it.  Were all just doing what we can to survive right now... Though were technically out of the 'fourth trimester', it doesn't appear to work precisely that way in real life.  Maybe parenting is just plain hard.

That means I have this giant pile of laundry next to me and nothing is happening about it till tomorrow.

Apologies for the lack of photos in this post.  Better luck next time.

PS:  I still want to name and shame the judgy people I've come across since my baptism into motherhood (quite literally).  But seeing as I failed to collect their names... there will be mostly just shaming.  I hope you look forward to it as much as I do.

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  1. Judgy people suck! I was just reading something about "mum shaming" and how women turn on each other when we should be relying on one another. We're all in this together after all ;-) Check her out if you get a chance, her photography is amazing as well.

  2. I love Piper so much. It's a little ridiculous that she very well could have had teeth before Everett. I'm sorry you have to go through teething so soon!


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