Because New Years.

January 07, 2015

I'm a sucker for fresh starts.

New notebooks, sharpening a pencil for the first time, painting walls, rearranging furniture... even moving.  God knows I've done that enough times.

Perhaps I coped with the constant upheaval of my youth by deciding to glean what was positive about all that change.  A chance to start over.

The further I move through life, I realise that we take more and more with us wherever we make our 'fresh start'.  For instance, I now have a child.  Basically a permanent fixture in who I choose to be from here on...  which is really cool.  I suppose I just now understand why people say "Enjoy being young!"  and "You have so much ahead of you... endless possibilities!"

So cheers to the possibility that I might get a full nights sleep this year.  Happy 2015. 

For whatever you find within your grasp, do it as best as you possibly can.  So says P in front of our printer, tricky devil.

With that, I give you my first week of the 52 project.  Again.  Because last year I didn't get beyond week 2 or 3.  So lets aim for week 5 this time, shall we?

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