6/52 Life Making Stuff.

February 11, 2015

So I missed a week somewhere.

Put the photos together in a folder then, just....didn't post any?  

Oh.  I just realized I wrote a post and then just didn't post it.

Uncertain precisely how that could happen; its not like I have anyone in my life demanding ALL OF THE ATTENTION AND FOOD.  Seriously?  No one tells you this, but in life... there is so much eating.  And eating, for those of you still 18 and not sure where food comes from, requires food preparation.  And grocery shopping.  And meal planning.  And cleaning.

I've just listed the top things that I am the worst at in the world.   (Those things and also: being on time for anything and falling asleep)  Whiiiiiiiiich happen to be my job right now.  Insert awkward smiley face.

Then I read this.  I could have wept, how the truth of it struck me.

What do I do?  Try, I guess.  I'm going to plan and write in notebooks and use tupperware and become what I thought would come naturally at this point in my life.  I'm going to teach myself how to be a good life-maker.  Because homemaker is so 1952, am I right?

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