8/52 Not an amazing shot of Piper but...

February 18, 2015

This is usually the face I get when I pull out my camera with this guy.  P appears to either be falling asleep or gazing at the sky... either one is an appropriate course of action on a Sunday evening.  Victoria has been showing off these past few days.  The sun, reaching into the far corners of my cold, creaky body, illuminates once again the memories of last spring.  I recall so vividly that first balmy morning; it was my mother's arrival at the airport the day of my baby shower, two weeks before my first baby arrived.  It felt so right, to feel a warm breeze; the breath of new life outside and squirms of impending birth inside.  That day, everything was where it should be.  Both the sun and my parents were here with us and I spent the afternoon eating wayyyy too much red liquorice (my one true pregnancy craving).

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  1. Yes a year has almost passed. Both of you looking great as parents. Piper is blessed.


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