March 31, 2015

Whoa, I truly am behind on the 52 project! I have the pics, its just the fumbling around trying to get them all thrown up here that gets me a little trippy.  I'm catching up!  Don't mind me.  Huffing and puffing like the fat kid on the summer camp run.  I'm blog-plucky. More pics after the jump.

^I have a biter? #concernedface^ 
Another fun lunch date with Katrina and her two babes.  Ev really plays well with Piper, she watches him energetically scurry with the speed and agility that comes with his extra year.  She said "Dada" very quietly, close to the end of the visit and it was like an epiphany had occurred for young Everett.  He was smiling and jumping, thouroughly impressed. All at once, Piper was a person!  Not just this squishy, slow creature that was just too easy to toy-rob.

It wasn't all butterflies for them, though.  Piper had a little too much love so I took pictures of her crying instead of helping comfort her (cameras are super fast, it was like a couple seconds).  Worth it, IMHO.

They totes made up and everything was fine again, just in time to take a triple threat cuteness overload picture on the big chair! (Thanks Katrina Massey Photography)

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