9/52 Ten Months Old

March 02, 2015

This past week Piper turned ten months old... the age of waving hi and saying 'mama' and 'dada'.  We both got sick, my milk supply depleted leaving me feeling despondent and forlorn.  My voice cracking like a thug on a cop show and my baby oozing snot and other manners of nastiness.

Our week also involved the ER (I feel like I've been in the ER a whole lot in the past 10 months) because of P developing croup.  A nebulizer and some really gross drugs did the trick, though, and so now she's back to relentlessly terrorizing my laptop and cellphone.  She knows how to swipe, people. How is this happening?!

Avocado is still her favourite food.

My milk came back after a brief hiatus so obviously an impromptu visit with a dear friend and these pictures happened.  Newest thing this week:  climbing into tables.  Proud and strong.  Thats my girl.

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