[Hitched] Bridget & Matt :: October 2013 ::

March 20, 2015

October 2013:
-Bridget & Matt
I really adored this wedding.  The ceremony was held at Michaelhouse.  A school that Matt himself once attended.
Both Michael and Bridget's fathers passed away before they met, throughout the day it was emotional, yet joyous as they celebrated their love and remembered those important men. photo 20131005_5005copy_zps84eecddc.jpg  photo 20131005_5017copy_zpsd6b7d1af.jpg  photo 20131005_5121_zps1e3f608f.jpg

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 photo 20131005_6047_zps7858a1d6.jpg  photo 20131005_6058_zps9a6c8918.jpg  photo 20131005_6077_zps18988229.jpg  photo 20131005_6074_zps1a833bc8.jpg  photo 20131005_6081_zps8cf28e16.jpg  photo 20131005_6099_zps261e590f.jpg  photo 20131005_6094_zps839c5f6e.jpg  photo 20131005_6122_zps6ee53763.jpg
Reece and I had been trying to book a weekend at Abingdon Wine Estate for ages because we had heard so many good things and it seems that other people had also heard these good things and scheduling just never worked out.  It is often booked up for a reason.  Its flat out amazing.  Especially as a wedding reception venue. 
March 2015:  I really loved photographing this wedding!  It was my last one with Derryn before I left SA and became a mother.  It is true that sometimes the best is last.  I regret a lot of the words I typed in these drafts, but these pictures I don't regret one bit!

Something I will never forget about this wedding is how emotional the speeches were.  As a photographer you usually politely and discreetly yawn through them and hope someone says something that isn't an inside joke so you can laugh... but the words they said about their friends and family, both near and departed were so moving - even my eyes misted up a bit.  I blame the baby hormones forever.

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