I'm just sick of hearing you sniffle.

March 02, 2015

My beloved said that to me last night  a week ago as he gently closed the door to our bedroom and retreated to the big blue reading chair by the living room window.  I was a little offended, I won't lie.  My hurt feelings were quickly displaced by amusement with the honesty of it.  It is tough being in the same house with someone who is sick.  All the sniffles and gross coughing, all of the voice cracking and moaning...  the weak little pleas for more water or donuts.  (I know, don't judge me.)

I get it because I also get sick of living with a baby who makes a spectrum of annoying sounds that are fully warranted - just annoying.

So for all the moms out there listening to whiney babies and the loving partners who are cringing at the nose-blowing and gargling-throat-clearing (that just sounds gross, even just written down... blegh.)

I hear you.  Cold and flu season is almost over.  We're almost done. 

Except for the moms.  Babies serve up annoying sounds all. year. long.

Sorry it took forever to post this.  My week 9/52 picture post is coming like, right now.

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