March 26, 2015

You might have noticed, if you've been reading here for awhile (so that basically means my parents and 3 other people - you all know who you are) that the visage is having a bit of a metamorphosis.  Its still getting work done whenever I have a few spare minutes.  The process is a little slower than I would like, in the spirit of being kind to myself, I'm staying positive.  

'MyCharityCase' needed a revamp because it was very 'charity-centric'.  My life has changed so much lately that I wanted the blog to better reflect where I am currently   Its not ALL about me anymore.  A lot of mamas who had their babies around when Piper was born are going back to work now, and I feel like its time to put myself back in some sort of ring.  Maybe I should just buy another ring.  Belated push gift!  (kidding.)

It got me thinking why I started blogging in the first place.  I had just quit a job that wasn't the right fit for me.  That job came after deciding to quit (after the 1st semester) a degree that wasn't the right thing.  THAT semester came after another semester of a *different* degree that I also thought would be perfect, but wasn't.  So the blog was the product of an entire year and a half of feeling like a leaf in the wind.  Fluttering up and down, from side to side.  It makes a girl feel a bit dizzy and full of existential questions.  To make things even more interesting, I got married smack dab in the middle of this crazy Marco Polo game that was my career pursuit.  I didn't just get married, though.  That would be too easy.  I married someone from about as physically FAR AWAY from my home as possible.  So I was planning a wedding from literally thousands of kilometres away.  No regrets - but holy masochist much?  Then, just to top it all off, I had some interpersonal issues with some people who I considered very dear to me.  You know when those who you feel like were on the same page, well they suddenly aren't?  Maybe you meant nothing to them to begin with.  It broke my heart because I began to question every single friendship I made.  (As one does)  So recap: culture shock, career confusion, wedding drama, and a bit of heartbreak...  After all this, I was pretty shaken up.  I had no idea what I was doing.  

I have always loved writing.  My three heroes growing up were Anne Shirley [Anne of Green Gables], Jo March [Little Women] and Maria Von Trapp [Sound of Music].   Maria is obviously because she made gender neutral outfits out of curtains.  She did this without a single idea from Pinterest.  Just let that sink in.  Anne and Jo are something like my kindred spirits (I know, right?).  Anne - because she's the most vulnerable, authentic, determined character I've ever encountered.    Sorry not sorry.  And Jo for being just as ferocious, brave and unwavering.  Both Anne, Jo and Maria are characters that I wanted to emulate.  They were artists who threw themselves into everything, no holding back.  Anne and Jo both had an epiphany about making their work more authentic to who they were, instead of writing really sensational, pretentious stories.  So you can see, me starting to write a blog to find some sort of clarity was inevitable.  I need to create to feel sane.

Soon after starting, I fell off the blogging wagon (I'm sure that is not really the right reference to use... but I am letting it slide for now) while spending a year or so learning about photography and videography as a second shooter for this sweet photographer.  Nothing has opened my eyes more about creativity and hard work (the two together is both enlightening and terrifying).  Through the job, I met some people who encouraged me, challenged me, and helped rebuild some faith I had lost in true friendship and generosity. *insert small happy tears here*

Finally, the new name.  When I read a blog or a book, I like to cuddle up and find some sort of corner/ window area - bonus points if I can have both.  Nooks and corners are my jam.  I've been kicking my knitting into a higher gear lately (can't wait to share things in the works here.  It is coming soon!) hence the 'loop' part.  Because knitting (most textile endeavours  if were being broad) is just a series of loops.  Just keep navigating the loops and you'll create something fantastic.  So there you have it.  My own small place on the internet where I write about personal things, motherhood and my creative exploits.  Thank you for stopping by.  Writers just want to be read.  I am no different from any other writer.  Except that I will admit that there are some movies that are better than the books.  I'm just down to earth like that ;)

I have this tumblr of a bunch of my photos from working in South Africa.

And my vimeo with some wedding videos I shot!

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