April 06, 2015

This year is FLYING by.

All of those old people with laugh lines telling you that time goes into crazy warp speed as soon as you have kids?  Well, they're right.  It is all true.  I can't even remember 2014.  What was that even?  I'm still trying to remember what it looked like.

Thank goodness for the pictures I managed to click furiously with my cell phone.  It wasn't a total bust, but this year is going so much better with some real, big photos that fulfill more than one role: posterity for the passage of time and growth for me as a photographer.

Thank you 52 Project.

This week, Piper has a lot of new things to report.

Mama, Dada,  and (most recently) "Ba" for her bottle.  (That last one is highly unreliable, but she is claiming it anyway)

Fascinating TED talk on how P is a complete genius right now.

Shakes her head "No" (because obviously)
Leans her head on anything like an angel to be 'cute'
Waving 'hi' and 'bye'.
Bumbles around holding on to furniture or the wall but doesn't really need it for balance.  Sometimes she'll get brave and walk with me holding one hand.
'dances' if music comes on or if I pop some moves that could make Honey Boo Boo's mom embarrassed for me.

Thanks for your time, brave internet.  You may return to the videos of cats now if you promise to come back and play again soon.

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